Shu-yu Guo

Blog Posts

Debugging in the Time of JITs

14 May, 2014

Drafts & Publications

Fast and Precise Hybrid Type Inference for JavaScript

Hackett, Guo. PLDI 2012.

The Essence of Compiling with Traces

Guo, Palsberg. POPL 2011. full version with proofs

Lazy Contract Checking for Immutable Data Structures

Findler, Guo, Rogers. IFL 2007.

Creative Writing

The Paperweight

Short story, 2011.

I do research at Mozilla.

I work on parallel arrays inside Firefox, the ActionScript VM in JavaScript for Shumway, and a bit on LLJS on the side.

I was a programming languages graduate student at UCLA under Jens Palsberg. I did my undergraduate studies in computer science and linguistics at the home for tortured intellectuals, the University of Chicago.seal